We equip the most marginalised and vulnerable groups of women and girls with the tools they need to make positive changes to their sexual and reproductive health.

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Vision · Mission · Goal

Our vision is to see vulnerable and marginalised groups empowered with the knowledge, awareness and skills to positively transform their lives, and the lives of others, at local, national and international levels.

Our mission is to use uniquely active and participatory tools that promote sexual and reproductive health and gender rights.

Our goal is to improve the sexual and reproductive health
of vulnerable and marginalised groups.

Why we exist

Women and girls across the world still face multiple barriers to good sexual and reproductive health and gender equality. Theatre for a Change works with groups of women and girls who are at high risk of having poor sexual and reproductive health, and who have limited opportunities to assert their gender and sexual rights.

These statistics relating to Malawi demonstrate the significant need for our unique combination of drama and participatory learning. Our approach brings about sustainable change which can positively transform the lives of our participants.