Theatre for a Change was established in Malawi in 2007. We run two programmes out of our Lilongwe office: the Education Programme and the Community Programme.

Education Programme:

Teacher Training ‘Tiphunzitsane’ – empowering young teachers with life-saving skills

Girls’ Education Challenge ‘Tiphunzire’ – getting marginalised girls into school and improving learning (2013 – 2017)

Radio Project ‘Tisinthe’ – improving the sexual and reproductive health of teachers and children through interactive radio drama

Community Programme:

Sex Workers’ Project ‘Tithandizane’ – empowering female sex workers to improve their health and advocate for their rights

Child Protection Project ‘Tingathe’  – outreach and support for sexually exploited girls

Radio Project ‘Nzotheka’ – supporting the police to serve and protect the rights of female sex workers and sexually exploited girls

Mobile Health Clinic ‘Tilipo’ – Critical healthcare interventions across Lilongwe