We are thrilled to mark 10 years since the launch of our unique Interactive Radio Drama (IRD) approach for social and behavioral change.

IRD was launched on 27th February 2011 at the Capital Hotel in Lilongwe, Malawi, and our first IRD broadcast was live on 4th March 2011 on Zodiak Radio.

Since then, we have:

  • Produced over 600 live broadcasts
  • Devised over 10 radio drama storylines for four different multi-year IRD series
  • Established over 700 listening clubs in primary schools, communities, police stations and teacher training colleges
  • Received over 350,000 SMS messages
  • Facilitated over 3,000 live radio touch tags
  • Received over 8,000 likes/followers on our radio Tisinthe Facebook page
  • Received over 500,000 Facebook page post viewers
  • Worked with eight radio stations in Malawi at national, regional and community levels
  • Set up IRD projects with partners in Ghana, Mexico, Mozambique and the USA focused on preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence, college campus sexual assault, COVID-19 and toxic masculinity among men and boys

Additionally, two of our staff who were part of its launch are still involved in TfaC’s radio work today: Sulitha Kakhobwe, who is now Tisinthe’s lead presenter, and Ryan Borcherding, TfaC’s New Partnerships Programme Manager.

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