A Radio Story

Yamikani and Sharon are members of our Girls’ Education Challenge Team in Malawi. Here they look into how our interactive radio drama ‘Tisinthe!’ is helping the project and why learners are motivated to listen.

Every Tuesday of the school term, girls and boys in primary schools where Theatre for a Change is working, meet for the Listening Club to listen to our radio drama (Tisinthe!) and participate in touch tag.


Girls and Boys from Mpapa Listening Club in Blantyre, Listening to Tisinthe!

Asked as to why they continue to listen to the radio even when they are faced with challenges in the signal to the extent that they use two radios and a phone to ensure they hear the whole drama, the learners boldly said…

  • The drama encourages us to work hard in school when we hear all the experts and role models incorporated in the radio drama.
  • We are informed more about other things like puberty and our sexual and reproductive health.
  • It helps us to be in touch with our ever-changing world; we see the developments happening in our country in terms of gender, contraceptives and menstrual hygiene.

The Agents of Change teachers at Mpapa School further explained that they have seen the radio drama improve the listening skills of their learners and help them participate in the issues that affect their lives.


The Girls' Education Challenge is currently taking place in 225 rural primary schools across Malawi. The project trains outstanding female teachers (Agents of Change) to adopt girl-friendly, innovate approaches to education, including sexual and reproductive health.