Evance is a teacher trainee, and TfaC Girls’ Club facilitator, in southern Malawi.

Recently, Evance responded to and reported on a case of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) at his Teaching Practice School.

In his role as a facilitator, Evance shared information about SGBV at Girls’ Clubs, including the right to say no to child marriage and how to report abuse. A 13-year-old girl then reported to Evance that she had recently been forced to marry a 28-year-old man.

Evance shared the case with his headteacher, and they reported it to the Department of Social Welfare. Support was provided to both the girl and her parents to address the issue, resulting in the removal of the girl from the marriage. The man left the area for Mozambique before charges could be made.

The girl is now back at school and participating once again in Girls’ Clubs.

“I applaud the introduction of TfaC Girls’ Clubs here, because it has empowered the girls to stand up for their rights through the assertiveness and self-esteem sessions.”

For more about TfaC’s work on SGBV in Malawi, please click here.