Do you want to ensure that your workplace is an inclusive, balanced and positive environment for all of your employees? Are you looking for a practical, interactive and results orientated solution to engage your workforce in achievable and sustainable behaviour change?

‘Changing Gender Behaviour in the Workplace’ is a unique, flexible series of workshops from behaviour change specialists Theatre for a Change. We use drama-based approaches that have been proven to be effective in changing gender behaviour for the better in a wide range of contexts.

The workshops focus on building key skills such as:

  • How do we create awareness of gender-related behaviour in the workplace?
  • What forms does sexual harassment take, and how can we change these?
  • How can men be meaningfully involved in the process of changing behaviour at work?
  • What does gender equality in the workplace look like, and what behaviours support it?

These workshops prevent conflict and abuse before it happens. Participants will learn to develop the awareness and behaviours they need for respectful, creative and collaborative working relationships.

We will work with you beforehand to understand your organisational culture and any issues you are facing, and will tailor our approach to meet your objectives. This will include advising the amount of workshops applicable to addressing your specific requirements, and the corresponding quote for their delivery at your workplace.

Our facilitators are based in London, and are accredited by the Open College Network. We operate in the UK, Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, and have delivered large-scale projects for The Department for International Development, Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and other major organisations.

For more information and to discuss how this opportunity would work for your organisation, contact us on 020 3137 2389 or

Together, we can make workplaces better