10-year study of TfaC’s impact


In 2023, KIT Royal Tropical Institute carried out a meta-analysis of the impact of TfaC’s work in 12 countries. KIT is one of the world’s most prestigious centres of research and expertise on sustainable development, based in Amsterdam.

The study reviewed 47 evaluations of TfaC’s work over the last 10 years, and gathered Most Significant Change stories from 130 respondents from eight countries where TfaC has worked.

Across a wide span of cultures, geographies and contexts, some of the key findings include:

  • TfaC’s methodology is widely perceived as creative, entertaining and innovative.
  • TfaC’s methodology is frequently integrated with other complementary approaches and services, improving relevance and impact of interventions.
  • Practising behaviour change in scenarios is considered fun and impactful.

We will use the findings of this report to strengthen our approach to improving health and gender equity among women and girls who are marginalised.

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Our Impact and Learning

Empowerment is at the heart of what we do, and our rigorous monitoring, evaluation and learning work aims to engage the people we work with to assess the effectiveness of the projects we implement.

By regularly reviewing what we do and how we do it, we are confident that we can deliver the highest quality, pioneering work with the greatest positive impact on our participants. Ultimately our aim is to turn learning into action – allowing us to effect sustainable change at individual, group and societal levels.

In addition to using conventional approaches to measuring our impact – for example, through surveys or interviews – we also use a unique set of participatory approaches inspired by our methodology to measure changes in participant attitudes, skills and behaviours. We have found that these approaches tend to be more accurate and comprehensive in measuring these areas of change than more conventional methods of evaluation.

We invite you to explore the impact of our work in our reports library below, which contains recent evaluations across our programmes and thematic areas of work.

We also offer training in our innovative approaches to measuring change. If your organisation is interested in finding out more, please email info@tfacafrica.com.


I am convinced your approach is the best to help in the prevention against HIV/AIDS.

Ame David, Save the Children