From March to September 2016, Theatre for a Change trained a group of volunteers in Saint Paul, Minnesota in how to produce their own Interactive Radio Drama on the subject of college sexual assault.

The training focused on how to use this unique combination of radio and interactive drama to reduce the risk of sexual assault on college campuses, and to support survivors of sexual assault by connecting them to resources in the community.

Participants came from a variety of professional backgrounds including social work, entertainment, medicine, and mental health.

During the training, participants learned how to:

  • develop vivid and compelling characters and stories based on their own experiences
  • perform, record, and edit radio drama using a variety of creative and artistic skills
  • develop and deliver scripts for broadcasting
  • facilitate the interaction between audience and actors during live broadcasts
  • evaluate the impact of broadcasts on audiences

We are grateful to Frogtown Community Radio, a Saint Paul based community radio station, for the technical and logistical support that they provided throughout the broadcasting cycle.

Listen to our Interactive Radio Drama here:

“The strengths of this training are many – it’s immersive, inclusive, requires a lot of critical thinking and concentration, and challenges you to address problems in our society all while still being a lot of fun as well” – Participant

“I was completely absorbed in the one hour radio drama broadcast. I was Amy, I was James, and I was Catherine. I felt fear, frustration, anger, and confusion as I focused on each character. At times I wanted to speak out and protect Amy from getting hurt” – Audience Member

“The radio drama experience was one of the most connected I have ever felt when listening to radio. Not only because I connected to the story, but I was able to put myself in the story and listen to others who have similar ideas and feelings as me” – Audience Member