Theatre for a Change was established in Malawi in 2007. We run the following projects from our Lilongwe office:

Improving the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights of Out-of-School Girls

Leave No Girl Behind: TEAM Girl Malawi is a five-year (2018-2023) project under FCDO’s Girls’ Education Challenge. The project enables thousands of highly marginalised, out-of-school girls to improve their sexual and reproductive health, and enroll in school or training for the first time. In the last five years, 155 teachers have received intensive training as Agents of Change to work with 5,000 out-of-school girls in Dedza, Lilongwe and Mchinji Districts using the Theatre for a Change methodology. Learn more

Reducing Violence against Women and Girls with Disabilities

Ifenso – ‘Us, Too’

The Ifenso project (2022-2023) is a community advocacy initiative to reduce violence against women and girls with disabilities in Lilongwe. Using interactive theatre and radio drama, the project enables women and girls with disabilities who have experienced sexual violence to have their voices heard and demand that their rights be recognised and met. Learn more

Interactive Radio Drama

Tisinthe – ‘Let’s Change’

Since 2010, we have been using our innovative Interactive Radio Drama approach to improve the sexual and reproductive health of communities across Malawi. Learn more  Connect with the project on Facebook here

Teacher Training

Tiphunzitsane – ‘Let’s Teach’

From 2007 to 2022, we empowered young, pre-service teachers in government Teacher Training Colleges across Malawi to improve their own sexual and reproductive health, and trained them in the use of our methodology to improve the health and safety of the children they went on to teach. Learn more

Preventing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Schools

From 2019 to 2022, we implemented a project which improved the ability of teachers to protect primary school children from sexual and gender-based violence in flood-affected areas of Southern Malawi. More than 320 teachers were trained to work with 2,400 children in 40 flood-prone schools. Learn more

Making Schools Safe for Children

Ufulu Wophunzira – ‘Right To Learn’

From 2017 to 2019, we enabled teachers in 30 primary schools in Phalombe District, trained as Agents of Change, to facilitate participatory behaviour change workshops (Girls’ Club, Literacy Club and School Council) around sexual and reproductive health for their students. Learn more

Mobile Health Clinic

Tilipo – ‘We are Here’

Since 2007, we have been providing HIV testing and counselling, sexual and reproductive health services and essential medication at the most at-risk ‘hotspot’ areas of Lilongwe through our lifesaving Mobile Health Clinic. Learn more

Sixth and seventh photo credit: Adam Dickens for Taking Pictures, Changing Lives

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I now have a lot of knowledge on sexual and reproductive health rights. I no longer help my mother sell beer and no longer interact with drunkards who may put me at risk of abuse or exploitation. I want my life to keep on changing.

Tiyanjane, Participant in our Tingathe Programme for Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Girls