Sculpting. Mapping. Touch tag.

Practical tools for change.

We use a unique combination of drama and participatory learning to help vulnerable women and girls build their confidence, find their voice and assert their rights. Our approaches include:

Behaviour Change in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights – Physical and practical approaches to building key communication and life skills, and to developing participants’ confidence to use these skills. This unique workshop series encourages participants to actively identify and explore patterns of behaviour that put them at risk, and develop sustainable strategies to achieving the changes they want to make.

Interactive Theatre for Behaviour Change – A dynamic community engagement approach which enables participants to tell their stories and change the attitudes and behaviours of their peers around key sexual and reproductive health and rights topics.

Interactive Theatre for Justice – A unique advocacy approach which enables marginalised groups to tell their stories of injustice to power holders, and work with them during the performance to create pathways to justice which can be implemented in the community. Learn more.

Legislative Theatre – A type of Interactive Theatre which enables marginalised groups to voice their concerns and requests to policy makers and legislators for improved protection and prevention from abuse.

Interactive Radio Drama – An innovative behaviour change and advocacy approach which enables marginalised groups to devise radio serial dramas that involve the audience in trying out different approaches for a positive change in the story live on air – whether that is a change in attitude, behaviour, or in reporting and prosecuting abuses of rights. Listen to an example.

Participatory Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation – Measuring behaviour and normative change through activities like sculpting, mapping, improvisation and touch tag.

At first I didn’t know what story devising was, but after a few days I realised that it’s our story, and what we say and how we overcome things is up to us.

Pramila, Participant in Nepal

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