Praise is one of TfaC’s youngest and most vibrant Girls’ Club facilitators in Machinga district in Southern Malawi.

Praise uses her Girls’ Club to educate girls – and boys – about their rights to be free from sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV), and how to report abuse if it does happen.

Praise grew up in a flood prone area, and heard about many incidents of young girls, including peers, in her community who were being sexually abused.

Before she went to college, she had no idea that she could respond to and report the sexual abuse that happens to other women and girls. “I always [had] a mind-set that if it does not directly affect me or concern me then I can just watch and not get involved because it is none of my business”.

However, her attitude towards these issues began to change when she decided to join TfaC’s training.

“Right now, as a trained Agent of Change, the knowledge I obtained during the SGBV training at TTC in gender relationships and power, as well as [skills in] assertiveness propelled me to change my attitude towards abuses. I fully understand that it’s not their fault at all, and I am able to share the knowledge I acquired and I am proud of the choice I made to supporting young girls in primary schools who might also experience what my peers went through during my primary school days.”

Praise is only one of many Agents of Change making a real difference protecting girls and boys from SGBV across Southern Malawi. To learn more about this project, please click here.