We don’t just change behaviours and policies.

We change the systems surrounding them.

Our approach to behaviour and policy change focuses on working within government and community structures to build the capacity of professionals on a long-term, sustainable basis.

We train professionals like teachers, health workers and the police at early stages of their careers, and equip them with the skills to be agents of change in the lives of vulnerable women and girls.

Our experience has shown that if we can train one teacher, we can positively impact on the lives of all the children they teach in the course of their teaching career.

If we can train one lecturer at a Teacher Training College, we can change the way teachers are trained.

If we can change a curriculum, we can change an entire teaching system.

On the Malawi project, delivered by Theatre for a Change, we found that expenditure on teacher training as well as extra-curricular tutoring clubs had commensurate and statistically significant increases in girls’ learning.

Coffey International, Value for Money Assessment 2018