In January 2018, Theatre for a Change traveled to Lindi, Tanzania and trained a group of 20 youth activists who had gathered from across the country.

Their mission was to learn how to use Interactive Theatre for Justice to reduce early pregnancy and keep girls in school. Lindi Region has one of the highest rates of early pregnancy in the country.

During the training, the group learned how to devise, perform and facilitate Interactive Theatre for Justice, with a focus on targeting three key groups – parents, traditional leaders, and men and boys. These groups were identified by the youth as having the greatest influence on girls’ behaviour in their community.

From February to December 2018, the group devised and facilitated over 100 performances, which were attended by over 15,000 community members, and resulted in local authorities taking action – including new laws being formed in seven villages to protect the health and rights of girls.

In April 2019, Theatre for a Change returned to Tanzania and delivered another Interactive Theatre for Justice training in Mwanza. The training involved seven participants from the Lindi training, plus nine participants who were new to the group. The focus of this training was on using Interactive Theatre for Justice to end child marriage and promote girls’ rights in Kagera and Mwanza Regions.

These trainings were delivered in partnership with Voluntary Service Overseas.

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The training has helped me understand how I should challenge my own attitudes towards causes and effects of early pregnancies and how my attitude can drive my actions in supporting girls to overcome this problem. Now I am aware and confident that I can address and lead this process in the community.

Training Participant