Theatre for a Change has greatly benefited from the time, expertise and generosity of our volunteers. Every volunteer placement with Theatre for a Change is arranged on an individual basis through our UK office to ensure that our participants, our organisation and each volunteer benefits most from the placement. Placements are predominantly in the UK, Malawi or Ghana. To register your interest in future volunteering opportunities with Theatre for a Change, please contact us.

 Past Volunteers of Theatre for a Change

“From spring into early fall, I had the opportunity of volunteering with Theatre for a Change. Through conversations with Ryan Borcherding, I became excited and passionate about the opportunity to work with the first US-based program. I found that the work Theatre for a Change was doing fit in with what I was trying to accomplish in my career – melding the fields of psychology/mental health with theater to enact social and individual change and growth. To work with an organization that values the voice of the participants and the people it serves and works in partnership with them, was highly gratifying – because I have found that those voices are often left out. I learned many skills as a performer and practitioner that continue to impact my work in mental health. I am forever grateful to have had an experience that allowed me to explore, investigate and add to the ongoing conversation of sexual health and safety” – Marcelline

“I came across Theatre for a Change during the summer I was doing my research for my undergraduate thesis in London. As a Public Health Studies and Sociology major and a Theatre Minor, the organisation’s unique perspective and goals fascinated me. At the headquarters, I worked closely with the small and dedicated team to put together a presentation on the first women in sex work Network in Ghana to be presented to facilitators abroad. Through a literature review and guideline suggestions, I presented practical steps and tips to initiate and sustain a Sex Worker Network. Even as a university student, I felt as though my words were acknowledged and appreciated. Theatre for a Change is a charity that has a direct impact on the target population they are aiming to reach. Their aim of implementing interventions among the most marginalised and vulnerable women demonstrate their passion and determination to truly make a lasting change” – Saraniya

“During May and June 2016, I volunteered with Theatre for a Change in Malawi, spending my time with the Community team on the Tingathe Project for sexually exploited girls. Working with the team on the design of an updated curriculum for the theatre-based Behaviour Change workshops was a very fulfilling, enriching and creative process. It was not only a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with both the participants and the facilitators on the project but it also gave me the chance to observe the diversity of the different projects which Theatre for a Change operates in Lilongwe. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see their work with community groups in action and am very grateful to have worked alongside such passionate colleagues at Theatre for a Change who made me feel very welcome during my stay in Malawi” – Chris

Marcelline volunteered in the US during the summer of 2016

Saraniya volunteered in the UK for four weeks in the summer of 2016

Chris volunteered in Malawi in the summer of 2016