Theatre for a Change was established in Malawi in 2007. We run the following projects from our Lilongwe office:

Teacher Training

Tiphunzitsane – ‘Let’s Teach’

Empowering young, pre-service teachers in government and private Teacher Training Colleges across Malawi to improve their own sexual and reproductive health, and training them in the use of our methodology to improve the health and safety of the students they go on to teach.

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Making Schools Safer for Children

Ufulu Wophunzira – ‘Right To Learn’

Enabling teachers in 30 primary schools in Phalombe District, trained as Agents of Change, to facilitate participatory behaviour change workshops (Girls’ Club, Literacy Club and School Council) around sexual and reproductive health for their students. With our support, Agents of Change also work alongside Headteachers, community members and authorities to reduce gender-based violence and discrimination in their schools and communities, and to bring affected girls who are out of school back into education.

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Interactive Radio Drama

Tisinthe – ‘Let’s Change’ 

Improving the sexual and reproductive health of communities across Malawi through broadcasting the Interactive Radio Drama show Tisinthe! We broadcast Interactive Radio Dramas through the Tisinthe! show for a variety of different audiences, who have formed listening clubs. Audiences include primary school children and their teachers and parents, trainee teachers, police officers and female sex workers.

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Mobile Health Clinic

Tilipo – ‘We are Here’

Providing HIV testing and counselling, sexual and reproductive health services and essential medication at the most at risk ‘hotspot’ areas of Lilongwe through our lifesaving Mobile Health Clinic. The Clinic serves female sex workers, sexually exploited girls and the wider community in which they work – reaching over 6,000 people each year.

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Supporting Sexually Exploited and At-Risk Girls

Tingathe – ‘We Can Do It’

Outreach, safety and support for out of school girls, and sexually exploited girls living in bars and brothels, including participatory behaviour change workshops, education and livelihoods training.

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Protecting the Rights of Sexually Exploited Girls


Strengthening the capacity of community child protection teams in Lilongwe, and the victims of sexual exploitation whom they support, to advocate to key decision makers (including bar owners, the police, city councillors and parliamentarians) – demanding that they uphold and implement laws which protect the sexual, reproductive and human rights of girls. This new project will create an evidence base and contribute to national action plans, and will raise awareness of rights violations through the use of techniques such as Interactive Theatre and Interactive Radio Drama.

As part of this, we delivered a series of Legislative Theatre projects in the Malawi Parliament for groups of MPs working on child protection. We are continuing to work with these MPs to ensure that the rights of children to be protected become law and practice in Malawi.


Third, fourth and sixth photos copyright Adam Dickens for Taking Pictures, Changing Lives.