Interactive Radio Drama Project

Each week we broadcast our radio show Tisinthe! across Malawi. This popular show focuses on increasing awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights to listeners, and includes an Interactive Radio Drama based on the challenges faced by children in Malawi.

After each drama, children in primary schools, and pre-service teachers in Teacher Training Colleges, across Malawi are invited to ring in, shout ‘Tisinthe!’ – which means ‘let’s change’ in Chichewa – and take over the role of the character in the drama who needs the most help. They then improvise live on radio with the other performers to try and change their character’s situation for the better.

This unique approach gives listeners the chance to practise the skills they need to change their own behaviour and the behaviour of others around sexual and reproductive health and rights.

'Tisinthe!' means 'let's change!' in Chichewa